'Don't even try': Beverly Hills businesses equipped with bulletproof glass, tight security

Tourist Ellis Perry, of Kentucky, says he feels safe in Beverly Hills while Sergio Flores, who is from Northern Chile, says he’s glad to be visiting the world-famous city.

That’s what Beverly Hills business people like hearing.

The holiday shopping season started here with a big Thursday night celebration on Rodeo Drive. 

Over the weekend, however, the mood changed. Police says a group of people allegedly tried to use a sledgehammer to break into Louis Vuitton and Saks Fifth Avenue; two famous Beverly Hills businesses. 

Kathy Gohari, President of the Rodeo Drive Committee says, "Saturday night they attempted to get into the (two stores) and they tried to break into the glass… they could not."

That’s because of the windows. They’re bulletproof.

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The same thing happened at Saks. But, the attempt put police and businesspeople on a high alert. 

Peter Marco owns a luxury Jewelry Store on Rodeo Drive. We asked if he’s hired extra private security. 

He replied, "All of Beverly Hills has hired extra security."

When we talked with Gohari, she told us she was just back from San Francisco, where police said some 80 looters broke into several high-end stores. 

She says, "This was just hoodlums trying to get free stuff."

Businesspeople, police and private security are determined to keep that from happening here. 

Todd Johnson, President of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce says, "I think we’re as prepared as we can be to alleviate that kind of thing because it just won’t be able to happen like in some of these other cities."

Meanwhile, in response to the question what would you like to tell those with "no good" on their minds, Kathy Gohari says, "Don’t even try. We have your mug shot. We have bulletproof glass and have lots of security."