Dog rescued near Detroit City Airport 'unrecognizable'

Take a look at Dakota and he seems content. But one day ago it was a different story and the pictures show why.

"We were unable to see his eyes or his face," said Corrine Martin of the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society. "Difficult to tell back end from the front."

Dakota was rescued near Detroit City Airport on Tuesday and brought to the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society by a Good Samaritan who knew right away, he needed help.

"Dakota was covered in hair and feces," Martin said. "It was difficult for him to eat not able to defecate, if he did urinate it was on himself."

When Dakota arrived to the shelter, the staff did not waste a single second and they took Dakota to get the medical care and grooming he desperately needed.

"I think we were able to shave two pounds of fur, fecal material and dirt off his body," said Dr. Stephanie Bagwell of Harper Woods Veterinary Hospital.

This animal adoption society hopes that by sharing Dakota's story it will encourage anyone who can't care for an animal to seek help

"There are animal shelters all around southeast Michigan and you can go there and talk and get help if needed," Martin said.

The cost for medical care for Dakota was not cheap. About $150 to $200 and that amount could grow - that's why those who rescue animals like Dakota say your donations are key.

"If it weren't for the generosity and donations never be able to provide help to animals like this that need it," said Martin.

Dakota still needs some more TLC but one day you could take him home.

"He needs to be neutered other medical care also," Martin said. "He will be up for adoption in the future."

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