Dog credited with helping missing woman

A dog named Bruce is being credited with possibly saving a woman's life.

Abby Leathers said her dog, Bruce, was scratching at the door, desperate to get out. When Abby opened the door he darted straight toward a pond. Abby followed and saw an elderly woman in the water.

"She was standing two or three feet down, up to her knees in the water," said Abby.

Abby said the woman didn't speak English and they couldn't communicate, but she eventually got her out of the water, wrapped her in a blanket, and called 911. As paramedics were tending to the woman, her family called the police to report her missing.

The family was reunited and thanked Abby, but Abby said Bruce is the real hero.

"I would never have known she was out there, she could have frozen, she could have drowned. Thanks to Bruce she got to go home," said Abby.

Abby rescued Bruce from a shelter. She said pit bulls get a bad rap and it's unfair. She said Bruce saved a life.

"I wish people gave the breed a chance because everyone needs a hero. If it helps a pit bull get adopted, if it saves a pit bull's life, I'll tell Bruce's story until I'm blue in the face," said Abby.