Dodgers sign 7 Make-A-Wish kids to team roster

The Los Angeles Dodgers signed 7 kids with critical health conditions to their roster Friday through Fanatics and Make-A-Wish.

The team held a press conference Friday making the official announcement. Each Make-A-Wish kid signed contracts next to Dodgers General Manager Brandon Gomes.

"It’s really special for us and our players to get to spend time with you guys," said Gomes.

The signees walked into the dugout for the first time. Then, they took the field, warming up and throwing with their favorite players.

"I thought I’d never get this opportunity," said 17-year-old Leonardo Xochitl.

The teen living in East Los Angeles was born with a serious cardiac condition. At just 3 days old, he needed heart surgery.

"To see him play on this field is just amazing," said Leonardo’s sister, Ana. 

Last year, the teen went into cardiac arrest. Now he lives with a pacemaker and an uncertain future.

"The only thing that can help him will be a heart transplant," said Ana. "Unfortunately, he’s not a candidate for it. So, we just live day by day."

On Friday, Leonardo played catch with one of his favorite players, outfielder Teoscar Hernandez.

"He might take my job someday," said Hernandez. "Making him feel like one of us is great."

As the two became friends playing catch, Leonardo built up the courage to ask Teoscar an important question.

"Can you hit a home run [tonight]?" asked Leonardo.

"I’ll try," responded Hernandez.

Hernandez autographed a baseball and bat for Leonardo. Their dreams became reality for 7 Make-A-Wish Dodger fans.

"I’ve been dreaming of this day for the longest," said Leonardo. "I’m finally happy."