Dockweiler Beach RV guests asked to vacate 'due to need for emergency shelter related to COVID-19'

Dockweiler Beach RV parking guests were asked to vacate the RV park on Friday "due to the need for emergency shelter related to the COVID-19 virus."

In a notice handed out to RV residents, the park said that county emergency services required the space to shelter individuals impacted by the coronavirus. 

RV park customers who did not have a place to vacate to immediately may be able to stay at the public beach parking lot next to the RV park for up to 24 hours. Those who wished to stay at the Dockweiler parking lot used for beachgoers were asked to contact RV park staff.

"Please be assured that the Department of Beaches and Harbors will refund fees related to the cancellation of your stay here," the notice stated. 

A spokesperson with the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches & Harbors confirmed to FOX 11 that their department sent the notice to the RV parking guests.