Disneyland steps up security for the holidays

Families funneling into Disneyland won't get through the turnstiles with just a bag or backpack check. The park is increasing security beginning Thursday with the addition of metal detectors.

"We got pulled off to the side when we went in so they could have us go through a metal detector," John Maruska said. "I got randomly searched and I appreciated it."

Many park goers didn't mind the extra security. Only one patron FOX 11 spoke with felt the metal detector was invasive.

A Disney spokesperson said, some patrons will be chosen at random to go through the detector, but as always, everyone's bag or backpack will be checked.

"They went through my husbands backpack, every possible part of it," Catherine Martikan said.

"The police were in Downtown Disney and there's security contractors located all around the entrance way," Robert Fenn added.

Disneyland isn't the only Southern California theme park stepping up security. Universal Studios and Knott's Berry Farm stated Thursday they're also using metal detectors.

Although no park would cite a specific reason for the change, a Disneyland spokesperson stated, "We continually review our comprehensive approach to security and are implementing additional security measures as appropriate."

Disneyland is also taking security as step further banning the sale of toy guns inside the park and any attendee over the age of 14 cannot wear a costume.

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