Discrimination Accusations Against Sony

Belinda Reser is making some serious charges against Sony Pictures. Once an Administrative Assistant to the President of the company's International Distribution Division, Reser says, she was a victim and witness to blatant discrimination against black employees in hiring and promotions. At a news conference, called by activist Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Reser said "my experiences at Sony were marred by racial discrimination, sexual harassment, verbal abuse."

She left the company in 2011. At the news conference she brought documents to draw a picture of what she claimed were discriminatory practices. She says she was forced back against her cubicle by her boss, "chased out of the office, (I) was blocked from leaving" and she was called derogatory names.

She describes a tense relationship with her boss which, she claims, included sexual harassment. She says she was passed over for promotions despite good reviews and, as for her documents, they show that from 2005 to 2011 fifty-two people were promoted. None were African-American. During the same years there were twenty-four new hires. None, she says, were African-American.

Reser says she suing Sony for wrongful termination, sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

We called Sony Pictures and Sony has not yet returned our phone calls.