Dinner Out At Vegetable In Studio City

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Vegetable is an organic plant based restaurant serving raw, gluten free and vegan dishes; what Chef Jerry Yu calls guilt free and comfortable food. But you don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy his food. Take the Kale Salad; hand massaged to order. He starts with a tall pile of red leaf kale, he puts a couple scoops of the housemade avocado, apple cider vinegar dressing on top. He squishes and squeezes. The big pile slowly gets smaller as the leaves' cell walls break down and tenderize. The final dish has shavings of heritage carrots in purple and yellow and a small tangle of pickled shallots. Kale lovers will happily chomp this salad down. The avocado adds more creaminess than flavor, the kale remains the star with the pickled shallots adding a little sharpness to break up the kale's slight bitterness.