Despite long lines to pick up meals, families grateful this Thanksgiving

From the time they arrived at Honey Baked Hams in Glendale, it took three hours for Mary Beth Sorenson and her daughter Elizabeth Inklelis to get through the line that snaked completely around the block. 

The manager told us he was grateful for the business, even though there were a few in that long line feeling some frustration.

Jessica Barajas, one of the customers waiting in the long line said, "I just didn’t expect the line to be this long. It’s great that we get to get together again but I wish they would have been more organized and been able to break up the line to make things move a little faster. They should have anticipated for this."

I walked with them and asked them on this Thanksgiving what are they grateful for.

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Felipe Barriento told us, "I’m grateful for family, health the fact that during COVID we were able to stay healthy… safe and just able to have a job still."

We saw children reading books and playing video games while parents exercised an amazing amount of patience, humor and honesty.

One man said, "It better be good ham, haha"

A woman said, "I just waited too long."

Another man says, "This line is outrageous but that’s what we get for not wanting to cook."

As for the long line, we heard people say things like, "I think it's just pandemic. Everybody’s just trying to make the best things." 

Others told us they had small or no gatherings last year so this year was special.

Another man said he was grateful, "… for being alive thru all this what’s going on... (it could have been) a lot worse."

We met a man who was in a motorcycle wreck so he’s grateful for "Thanksgiving and to be walking!"

Just about everyone we talked with having big family get-togethers said everyone coming over is vaccinated. 

That goes for Mary Beth Sorenson and her daughter Elizabeth, who are thrilled to finally be having a family Thanksgiving, which Mary Beth says, "is really wonderful. We haven’t been together for two years."

So, from me to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!