Deputies who helped save toddler's life reunites with boy, parents

An 18-month-old boy is alive due in large part to two deputies who resuscitated him minutes before paramedics arrived.

Kevin Lopez usually holds onto his mother's coat or pants when she is holding items in her hands and cannot carry him. But recently, the child let go of his mother while walking through an apartment complex parking lot.

His arm got stuck in the closing gate, which then crushed part of his back.

An emergency call went out and thankfully, Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy Erik Nava was in the area and rushed over.

"We were just desiring for a cry to ultimately see that we were doing a good CPR method," Nava said.

While giving the boy CPR, Deputy Jose Cruz arrived to help.

"He [Lopez] let out the loudest cry, which was the best feeling in the world," said Cruz.

An ambulance arrived about four minutes later, the deputies said.

Lopez was released in good health from the hospital the next day, which was the best news his father said he got all week.

"He's alive. I don't have words to say 'thank you' to these guys. Everybody, but especially God. He's the one who took care of my son," Rogelio Lopez said.