Deputies: 9 people arrested in connection to raids at massage parlors

Coweta County deputies raided three massage parlors and arrested eight women and one man. This came after several weeks of undercover investigation, which showed that the women arrested were allegedly involved in prostitution.

Sheriff's office video provided to FOX 5 News showed investigators from the Crime Suppression Unit raiding Asian Therapeutic Massage on Highway 34 in Newnan. Deputies arrested three women allegedly engaged in prostitution there. Also under arrest was a woman who investigators said was the 68-year-old madam in charge.

The investigation included Coweta County deputies and U.S. Homeland Security, which found that none of the women were victims of human trafficking.

Asian Therapeutic Massage is located in a big Coweta County shopping center. The same for Minerva Massage Therapy, which is only a short distance away and also on Highway 34. Deputies arrested four women there as well and seized evidence and belongings that also put that massage parlor out of business.

The investigation also included a third massage parlor, Violet Massage, which is also on Highway 34. But their investigators said only one woman was allegedly involved in prostitution and the owner claimed he didn't know. So the business remains in operation.

Investigators said they also looked at a fourth massage parlor in Coweta County and found it actually offers legitimate services.