Man shot dead during argument outside Westchester Amazon Fresh grocery store

An 83-year-old man was arrested after a deadly shooting occurred outside a Westchester Amazon Fresh grocery store. 

The shooting was reported around 4 p.m. at the grocery store parking lot on La Cienega Boulevard Tuesday evening. 

Several witnesses told FOX 11 that a man and woman were arguing in the parking lot when an older man came down from the balcony to intervene. He attempted to get the man to back off the woman, but the two men started arguing. Witnesses then say the older man, identified as 83-year-old Richard Strickland of Los Angeles, pulled out a gun and fired.

"The older man pulled out the gun. He pulled it out twice; first time he pulled it out like a warning and then as he was going to put it away he turned his back, the Latino gentleman took off his shirt like he was going to fight and started spewing derogatory statements at him and at that point the Black gentleman turned around and shot him," said one witness. 

The coroner has identified the shooting victim as 31-year-old YanCarlos Santiago of Los Angeles.

Witnesses and residents in the community said Strickland was a decorated Korean War veteran. Witnesses said he came out of his apartment wearing a bathrobe and slippers to break up the fight. Witnesses also said the gunman tried to protect the woman from the man she was with. 

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Strickland was taken into custody and booked for murder.