Deadline is Monday night for Kobe & Gianna memorial registration

We don't know how many people have registered - or what your odds are - but the deadline to apply for tickets to the Kobe and Gianna memorial is Monday night.

As the clock ticks down on the registration process for getting the Kobe and Gianna Memorial tickets 31-year-old Lene Covert from San Diego hopes and prays she'll get her dream come true.

To go to Kobe's Celebration of Life. She never met him, but she watched him from the time since she was eight.

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Her phone displayed a receipt for her registration. She read the words on the screen, "We expect the ticket demand for a celebration of Live for Kobe and Gianna Bryant to be extremely high." A breath and then... "I know my odds are slim, but my odds are better than winning the lottery."

For Covert and a friend, this was a KOBE DAY. They planned a whole day of around Kobe visiting as many murals as possible and just spending the day thinking about this man she never met, but who had an enormous impact on her way of thinking. Even to the point of getting a tattoo on her arm of a mamba wrapped around her heart.

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"He was my idol," she says. She was crushed by his death. So much so, she says, "I couldn't go to work for three days."

14-year-old Markus De Guzman felt the same. He says he took Kobe's tragic death "really hard." His mom says, "He cried a lot... big tears!" Though at the time of our interview they hadn't registered for Kobe Memorial Tickets... they are hoping to attend if they can.

Whether the De Guzman's and Covert get in is yet to be determined. But, in a very strange set of circumstances the two groups of people we met were both doing exactly the same thing on this Presidents Day.

They were celebrating - not Presidents - but KOBE!

Covert calling it a Kobe Pilgrimage and telling us, "We have mapped out 24 stops of murals starts in Laguna Beach and all the way up to Pasadena." And, both the De Guzmans and Covert spending a day being close to the house Kobe built - Staples Center - and emersed in LA's newest artwork that reflects a man they loved.

As Covert put it, "I grew up to him. He's in my living room. I watched the tapes of the game... countless games with my brother. We put together all the money we could just to come to one game a year." 

And, now she hopes for one more ticket to Kobe and Gianna's Memorial on February 24th.