Cudahy church set on fire, L.A. county deputies searching for arson suspect

A congregation is cleaning up after police say a person set fire to their church. 

Investigators are asking for the public’s help in identifying the arsonist responsible for the crime. 

Firefighters were called to the Sanctuary of Salvation Church in Cudahy at the corner of Wilcox Ave. and Live Oak Street early Saturday morning. 

"It breaks our heart seeing the church like this honestly. The gas - they put it in there and it went underneath and so the fire went on the walls and then here,” said church member Evelia Jaimes. 

She rushed over as soon as she heard the news. 

"The fire began from the outside to the inside. There was gasoline all over the place and I guess, what they wanted, whoever did it to get the whole church on fire," she said. 

Evelia says the church has no enemies but says not everyone is happy about the help the church provides to area homeless.

"So right here we have boxes for the homeless people we deliver to McArthur Park. This is not going to stop our mission we have in this church." Evelia added. 

Investigators have no motive or suspect information at this time.

Church member Juan Peraza says the fire isn’t going to stop their Sunday service. 

Instead of dwelling on the damage the church is pulling together.

"We pray for him or for her. I would tell them that this is not going to stop us - this is not going to keep us from praying to God - singing to God,  this is going to be better -- we will get something new, better for everybody," stated Peraza. 

Church members say they have insurance but it will not cover the cost of all the damage. They plan to raise the rest of the funds.  

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the arson case. Anyone with information is urged to contact LA Crime Stoppers