Couple used pickup truck to transport victims to hospital during Las Vegas massacre

Mark Jay and his girlfriend, Lindsey had come to Las Vegas to enjoy the city and the music. "We were having a good ol' time," said Mark. Then, the gunshots erupted on Sunday night during the concert "We didn't realize they were gunshots at first. We didn't understand what was going on," Lindsey said. Then, the bitter realization set in, said Lindsey.

"I was calling my mom to tell her I love her." What her mom heard were gunshots and screaming, and Lindsey telling Mark to 'get down.' Lindsey's mom said, "I was scared, and i was screaming and my house. There was nothing you can do from your home." Her mom continued, "My daughter couldn't hear me because there was a lot of commotion going on on the other side of the phone."

At that moment, Lindsey's mom then got in her car, grabbed her sister and headed to Las Vegas to find her daughter, Lindsey and Mark. The couple actually ended up using their pickup truck to transport about 12 people to the hospital.

"I feel sorry about what happened," Lindsey said. "You just can't take anything for granted…because you're not promised the next hour."