Couple livid by farting dog in 13-hour flight gets $1,400 refund, report says

Earlier in the month, a couple made global headlines after complaining about a farting dog on a 13-hour Singapore Airlines flight.

The couple from New Zealand were flying home from Paris back in June when they sat next to the smelly dog, according to a report from a New Zealand news outlet Stuff. The couple, Gill and Warren Press, asked a flight attendant to see if the airline could do anything about it – since they were surprised to be sitting next to the animal, according to a report from news outlet Insider.

The flight attendant reportedly told the couple that the only open seats were in the back of the economy. The option to switch to the back of the plane didn't strike the couple as a no-brainer choice considering they had paid for premium economy seats for the long flight, Insider reports.

The couple initially decided to stay in their premium seats – until the dog started to pass gas later on in the flight. After dealing with the dog's farts, the couple caved and touched base with the flight attendant, who let the couple switch their seats to the back of the plane, Insider reports.

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The couple told Insider that they reached out to the airline after the smelly incident. At first the airline issued an apology and two $73 gift vouchers but the couple didn't think it was enough considering they had to downgrade from premium economy to economy, Insider said in its report.

After months of going back and forth – the airline caved and offered to refund the difference in the seats. In total, Gill and Warren Press got $1,410 from Singapore Airlines for their smelly troubles, Insider reports.

What will the couple do with the money? The couple told Insider they plan to donate to an organization that helps vision-impaired people get matched with service dogs.