Street takeovers crackdown: Compton installs city's first set of Botts' Dotts

Botts' Dotts have arrived in Compton.

The small yellow dots were recently installed at several intersections including Santa Fe Avenue and Compton Boulevard as well as Wilmington Avenue and Caldwell Street. 

"Before y’all get on the posts asking/demanding we put them in your suggested intersections…we have already identified the intersections MOST used," Compton councilmember Andre Spicer posted on Instagram. "IF they are as effective as we hope they are, THEN we will explore placing them in other intersections."

Botts' Dotts in Compton

Botts' Dotts were most recently installed on the Sixth Street Bridge to deter street takeovers that had plagued the bridge since its grand opening.

The $588 million bridge, which opened to the public on July 10 and connects Boyle Heights and the downtown Arts District, was closed for several nights over what the Los Angeles Police Department characterized as "illegal activity."