College student juggles to prove sobriety

CONWAY, A.R. (FOX 32 News) - University of Central Arkansas student Blayk Puckett was pulled over by police late Friday night and proved his sobriety to officers by juggling.

Puckett was on his way home from the library and was driving slower than usual because he had a break light out. Police pulled him over suspecting that his slower speeds were the result of impaired driving.

Puckett is a junior at the university who for fun performs magic tricks on social media. Ironically, his license plate is "JUGGLER".

During the traffic stop, Police asked Puckett what was in one of his pockets, which turned out to be some of his magic equipment. Puckett offered to perform a juggling trick for officers, who caught the moment on cell phone camera.

Officer Michael Hopper of the UCA Police told FOX 32 that officers did not use Puckett's juggling as proof of his sobriety or as a way to get out of a ticket. Hopper said all police business had been concluded prior to the demonstration.