Cola Boyy: Disabled Afro-Latino performer from Oxnard kicks off Coachella lineup announcement

The long-awaited Coachella lineup dropped Wednesday.

The headliners are huge - including stars like Arianna Grande and Childish Gambino.

But before the festival promoted them, they wanted their millions of followers to know about a much smaller artist from Oxnard: Matthew Urango, also known as "Cola Boyy."

He's a 28-year-old Afro-Latino disabled musician.

"I was born with scoliosis and spinal bifida- and kyphosis. And I have a prosthetic leg. Most people don't know this stuff. They know I'm different," says Urango.

He says his disability kept him from having a job.

Staying at home writing music...all of a sudden, became his career.

"It doesn't take magic to be a musician. A good song can come from anywhere," says Urango.

In Urango's case... his songs like "Penny Girl" come from Oxnard.

This is where he tries to bring attention to another struggle he sees

"You look at the strawberries and they're delicious and beautiful but people tend to not think of who picked the strawberries. Hours and hours without healthcare, dealing with pesticides, it's not right," says Urango.

Urango feels music sheds light on lesser known issues and minority groups

Coachella's lineup includes Mexican folk group Los Tucanes de Tijuana, the Asian girl group Black Pink and African rapper Mr. Eazi.

Urango says he's proud to hold the mantle for his group, but wants to do it while still keeping his ego in check.

"Disabled people are an oppressed minority, if there's any way I can help with that I want to do it...There's a lot of terrible things happening in the world, and I can't let the glitz and glamour distract me from that so I try to stay grounded," says Urango.

Cola Boyy performs at Coachella on Sunday April 14th and 21st.