City official breaks the law, keeps job

Andrew Lamberto will keep his job as the San Bernardino County Director of Human Resources, despite getting busted for soliciting prostitutes. In March of this year, Lamberto went looking for sex. He responded to an ad and was busted in Orange County as he arrived at a motel to meet a prostitute. In August, he plead guilty to solicitation.

The Board of Supervisors didn't even know about Lamberto's conviction because the County's CEO, Greg Devereaux, kept it quiet for 7 months. He finally revealed the information, only after a blog known as IE Politcs leaked the arrest. San Bernardino residents we spoke with, were shocked Lamberto is still employed. One woman said, "Why does he continue to be employed? Because that is his personal life? It's against the law!"

Lamberto issued the following statement: "There is no acceptable excuse for my behavior. What I did was wrong, and I accept full responsibility for my actions. I deeply apologize to the CEO, the Board, my fellow county employees, and the people of San Bernardino County."

We requested an interview with Lamberto and the County's CEO.. Greg Devereux.. both declined.

However, Devereux issued the following statement: "Usually, non-work related misdemeanors do not result in disciplinary action. However, given the nature of this incident and Mr. Lamberto's position in the county organization, I determined that significant discipline should be imposed, and it was."

We don't know what that discipline may be because the county won't say. On November 3rd, the Board of Supervisors will hold a private meeting to address Devereux's job performance.

First photo in story is courtesy Los Angeles News Group.

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