CHP vehicle collides with motorcycle rider during traffic stop in Rancho Cucamonga

Some 300 bikers' Sunday was all good until they witnessed what appeared to be a California Highway Patrol officer knock a man off his motorcycle with his patrol car.

"It was uncalled for. It's not like he stabbed somebody or stole anything. So that was uncalled for," said Sonia Villalosbos who recorded part of the accident.

Witnesses said the incident started on the 210 freeway in Rancho Cucamonga.

The group was heading to a fundraiser at a local restaurant.

Sarah Palacious was recording the ride live on her instagram when she said the officer pulled up to all the bikers and went straight to one of them, but no one knew why.

"The officer went right in between 300 bikes and just singled him out. And he didn't do nothing wrong. I was right there with him," Jonathan 'Famous Rede' said.

In the video you can see the officer's vehicle veering off to the right with the sirens and flashing lights on.

The motorcyclist did not pull over.

He drove away -- crossing several lanes.

The pursuit and all the bikers then traveled here to 19th and Carnelian Street.

As they waited at the stoplight the officer and biker sped by.

People said the car hit the motorcycle.

"You pushed him!" a witness yelled. "You pushed him down. You grabbed him down with your bike and I have it on camera!"

Bikers rushed over to the scene as the officer called for back up.

Witnesses said about 12 more squad cars arrived, the motorcyclist was arrested and they seriously don't understand why because they felt the officer was in the wrong.

"The law is law and we should be protected. And that kind scares me to ride with anybody now because if it's going to happen like that, I don't want to be knocked down either."

CHP didn't provide much details except that an officer was attempting to pull a motorcyclist over off the freeway and an accident occurred.