Child-care providers in crisis; call on Gavin Newsom for support

A child care system in crisis. That’s what family providers are calling it after 200 have had to permanently close just last week alone.

Since the pandemic began, 5,000 child care providers were forced to close their doors statewide.

Many providers are facing more funding cuts starting Thursday after the state and federal funds have dried up.

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They gathered in Downtown Los Angeles Tuesday for a car caravan protest where they honked their horns hoping to get their message out.

Justine Flores is a family child care provider and she says she makes less than two dollars an hour, but she says she works because she loves her job, “I work to allow others to be able to go out into the community to work, our doctors, firefighters.”

They say the state should not turn their back on these essential workers.

State leaders say they need Congress to pass a new stimulus package in order to get the funds these essential child care workers need.