Chihuahua gets paw stuck in tub drain, fire crews jump to the rescue

Fire crews in Orange County helped save a pet Chihuahua after he got his paw stuck in his family's bathtub drain Sunday.

The Orange County Fire Authority shared video of the rescue on social media. They said they were called out to the home after Bart the Chihuhua got his foot stuck ahead of a bath.

"Bart the Chihuahua probably did not like taking baths, as most dogs don't," the department wrote. "But after he got his paw stuck in the bathtub drain today we can guarantee he doesn't like them."

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In the video. Bart was seen being held by his mom, while crews worked first to remove the drain from the tub. Once they were able to get the drain out, the firefighters then appeared to use a rotary tool to whittle away the drain apparatus piece by piece, until Bart's paw was freed.

Bart immediately jumped into his mom's arms while she thanked the crews for saving Bart's paw.

"He even barked a thank you to the crew before they left," the department wrote. "At least that’s what we think he said."