Massive Chatsworth sinkhole grows as more rain expected

Crews on Thursday continue to shore up and cover a giant sinkhole in Chatsworth ahead of the next round of storms on the way to Southern California. 

The sinkhole popped up on a huge chunk of Iverson Road south of the 118 Freeway Monday as a strong winter storm battered much of the state with heavy rain, gusty winds, and widespread flooding. 

Right now their plan is to cover the entire sinkhole in plastic and then divert all the rainwater to a nearby storm rain so the water does not go into the sinkhole and make it bigger, crews said. 

Earlier this morning crews recovered the wreckage left from Monday after two cars were swallowed into the sinkhole. Thankfully no one was seriously injured. Workers said the hole goes far more than 40 feet, which is higher than the original estimates.

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The Nissan that a mother and daughter had to be rescued from appeared  look more like a crunched-up tin can with the hood, roof, and all the doors completely smashed in. 

The truck that fell into the hole appeared to be a total loss.

With the next round of rain moving into the region Friday night into Saturday, engineers are quickly working to determine how best to move forward with efforts here for the sinkhole as they work toward making sure it is stabilized. 

LA City Council has since approved $500,000 in emergency funding to expedite the repairs. 

FOX 11 has reached out to the city and city council to get some input on exactly what they're trying to do here but have not yet heard back.