Charlotte Waitress gets Religious Pamphlet and $2 Tip

The general manager of a restaurant in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood in Charlotte is speaking out after one of her waitresses received a religious pamphlet instead of a tip.

Penny Craver says the Dish Restaurant is a friendly neighborhood joint, with many regulars. "You know them by name, you know if they drink sweet tea or an Arnold Palmer," she said.

She didn't think one's customer's gesture toward a server was so friendly.

"I look up and she's like ready to cry," said Craver.

A party sitting over here at this table Saturday left the server with this religious pamphlet and only a two-dollar tip.

"I just thought that that wasn't right," said Craver. "If she didn't give good service, then that's one thing and they shouldn't leave a tip, period. Although she's not a server that I have complaints about."

Craver wrote an e-mail to the pastor of Harbor Baptist Church, the pamphlet's namesake.

"This pamphlet cannot pay her mortgage or her electric bill," it said.

The pastor got us in touch with the man behind the two dollar tip and pamphlet, David Goodson. He claims it was all a mistake.

"I honestly had no recollection of leaving the tip," said Goodson. When my wife asked, I was like '20%, that's what we always leave.' And we looked it up and I didn't give but 8%."

As for the pamphlet, he says the intention was not to force religious beliefs but to leave her with a positive message, something he does to people everywhere.

"I know the good news of the gospel and what it's done for my life and it's wonderful. I want people to know it," he said.

But others weren't so enthused.

"I mean I'm sorry," Goodson said. 'In no way was it an affront towards her in any way, shape or form, or anything against the restaurant."

Craver says this isn't the first time it's happened. Patrons stiffing her employees has become increasingly common place.

It's not cool to do that…they don't want to work for free and you and I don't want to work for free," Craver said.

Craver wants the server this happened to to remain anonymous but tells us she's working to help pay her way through college at UNC-Charlotte.

Craver ended the letter asking the pastor to consider doing a sermon on one of the 7 Deadly Sins, pride.