Chaos breaks out at Westfield Culver City Mall after window shatters in violent fight

 A fight broke inside the Westfield Culver City Mall Saturday night causing a major stampede and confusion of a shooting.

Culver City Police say the initial call came in around 6:30 p.m. for reports of shots fired. But that was incorrect, the ‘gunshot’ shot many people heard was actually a glass door that broke.

The incident was caught on camera. 

The video shows two people fighting inside a Foot Locker store, causing extensive damage to the store as a crowd started to gather outside. 

Within minutes of the fight the glass plate on the store’s door shatters.The loud crashing noise scared several shoppers – and many started running towards an exit to safety.

Police arrived on scene, walked through the mall and cleared the scene saying there was no shooting or danger to the public. 

The people involved in the fight were not around when police arrived.