CAUGHT ON CAMERA - Sparks Fly in Pharmacy Heist

The owners of pharmacy are hoping that video of a million-dollar drug theft will lead police to the criminals who did it.

WATCH the video HERE:

At least two men broke into the pharmacy on North Industrial Boulevard in Euless, Texas, near Dallas, on New Year's Eve. Video from the store's security cameras show two men crawling on the floor to avoid the motion detectors. They appeared to steal as many bottles of cough syrup as they could, then left and came back with a bag full of tools.

One of the men cut into the side of the pharmacy's safe while his accomplice watched, apparently on the phone, possibly with a lookout. The man cutting into the safe uses a liquid in what looks like a cough syrup bottle to keep the carpet from catching on fire. Once he breaks into the safe, he starts taking out trays of pill bottles.

The two suspects were in the store for around 2 hours.

The pharmacy's general manager says the thieves stole hyrdocodone, oxycontin/oxycodone, Viagra, and Cialis and that the stolen drugs will be difficult to replace because supplies are so tightly controlled by federal authorities.

Euless Police say they are following up several leads, but don't want to discuss specifics for fear of jeopardizing their investigation.