Bill would make it cheaper for students in Mexico to attend college in California

It could soon be easier and more affordable for students in Mexico to attend college in California. 

Assembly Bill 91, introduced by Assemblymember David Alvarez (D-San Diego), would green light a five-year pilot program that would allow low-income students living in Mexico to pay in-state tuition fees to attend one of seven campuses in the San Diego or Imperial County.

Under the bill, each participating college would host up to 200 binational students during the pilot phase. 

"We live in a dynamic border region where we need to educate more students to fill the jobs required for growth" said Assemblymember Alvarez. "This bill will allow low-income residents who live close to the border to attend local community colleges."


To participate, students would have to be U.S. citizens or Mexican citizens with a visa and must live within 45 minutes of the California border. 

The legislation also aims to expand existing programs between U.S and Mexican colleges, like the partnership between Southwestern College and the University of Baja California. Southwestern College is located between San Diego and Tijuana.

"Southwestern College is the cornerstone for affordable and accessible higher education opportunities in the South County" said Southwestern College Superintendent/President Dr. Mark Sanchez. "Expanding affordable access to low-income, binational students will make a significant contribution to our region’s binational workforce and economy."