Blind neglected Shih Tzu searching for home ahead of the holidays

Pasadena Humane is searching for a home for an abandoned Shih Tzu that recently came into their care. 

Dorothy is a 10-year-old Shih Tzu who was recently found abandoned in a Monrovia parking lot. Care workers found her recently, showing signs of years of neglect with loads of mats in her fur, and with her eyes swollen shut. 

The team jumped in to take care of her, shaving piles of mats off her, bathing her and more. Unfortunately due to a bad case of glaucoma both of Dorothy's eyes had to be removed. She also had a severe ear infection.

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After rehabilitating, Dorothy has been cleared for adoption. According to Pasadena Humane, Dorothy is "as sweet as can be," and loves scratches and treats. 

"We're looking for Shih Tzu-sized ruby slippers for her," the organization said. "We envision sweet Dorothy curled up by a toasty fire surrounded by the love and attention that she's lacked for years. For Dorothy, that would be a holiday wish come true.

Those wishing to support Dorothy and her search for a home can visit