Beverly Hills votes to immediately ban electric scooters for 6 months

The Beverly Hills city council voted 4-1 Tuesday night to ban the use of electric scooters for 6 months, after the mayor called the actions of companies like Bird and Lime "disgusting" for showing up in the city without permission.

"Just because you beg for forgiveness doesn't mean that you get it," said Mayor Dr. Julian Gold. "And this is one where forgiveness is really not appropriate. Because what they did was really disgusting. And they put everybody in this room at risk, and they put your kids at risk, and there's no responsibility for it all, none at all."

But the entire council wasn't in agreement. Vice mayor John Mirisch said he doesn't believe that a ban would work

"I don't feel that a ban in this case will keep us safer, and thats my opinion," Mirisch said. "These vehicles are here, and whether we want them or not they're going to be coming through our streets and that just means more work for the police to enforce."

Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli was also on hand, and spoke out in support of the ban.

"Because of the business model implemented in our town and the manner in which it was implemented it has created a distraction for our officers that now have to focus on safety," she said.

The decision to ban the scooters comes after neighboring West Hollywood voted in June to ban them as well.

Portions of the video is restricted to the Los Angeles area.