‘Beds For All Paws' sews beds to keep shelter animals warm

An organization of women called "Beds For All Paws" is sewing beds and blankets to help keep animals stuck in shelters warm. Cindi Hughes started the group by putting a call out on social media looking for people who can sew to help out on her project.

"I went on the Nextdoor app, and I said, 'Looking for ladies who sew,'" Hughes told Fox 13.

The group uses donated towels and other fabrics to create comfortable beds that can keep animals warm on cold winter nights. In just a week, Beds For All Paws delivered more than 60 beds to a local Humane Society shelter.

Hughes said she was surprised by how many people were willing to volunteer their time and skills.

"I'm really truly seriously overwhelmed," said Hughes. "I thought honestly, that maybe I could find one or two people, and they would do a dozen beds."

And it's not just the dogs who are benefitting. Marie Padavich said she's found a new community as well.

"I didn't know any of these women," said Padavich. "But I think we'll all become great friends."

Said Hughes, "If you give people a chance to be good, they will!"