Arnold Schwarzenegger holds special celebration for vets in LA

It was a special Veterans Day for vets in Los Angeles. 

Former California governor and Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger spent the day with veterans at the West LA VA. He hosted a BBQ, took countless selfies and even cut some hair.  

"We are there for them, we will fight for them, and we will make sure their issues are being heard," Schwarzenegger told FOX 11’s Elex Michaelson.

The vets couldn’t be more grateful.

"There are people out there who really care about the veterans because we defended this country," said Army veteran Sergio Carmona.  

"It feels like it brings the world a little closer," stated veteran Eric Nichols.  

Schwarzenegger hopes this event inspires others to say thank you to vets.

Last year, Schwarzenegger visited 25 tiny shelters he donated for homeless vets through the nonprofit Village for Vets.  

Last year’s story went viral, reaching 20 million people. Many people reached out to Village for Vets to donate and build more shelters. Because of that, they were able to build 17 more, and say with additional funding, they can do even more to help homeless vets."

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Unfortunately, some of the shelters burned down when a lithium battery was plugged in. Luckily, they’ve all been replaced.

Michael Hefty lived in a tiny shelter sponsored by Schwarzenegger.

"It set me on track to see what’s better for you. It’s helped me out a lot," Hefty said.

"I look at each one of their faces and say, I’m standing in front of a very, very courageous person. Man or woman alike…they fought for our country. They fought for our freedom," Schwarzenegger stated.