Anaheim Police investigate 'peeping tom' caught on video

Is it a "peeping tom" - or something else that explains a man caught on security video in an Anaheim neighborhood three days in a row?

This Anaheim mom wants to stay anonymous to protect her daughter. She claims early in the morning last Thursday, a man walked onto her property and peeped through a bathroom window.

Security video from two nearby houses shows the man drove a white Chevy truck into the neighborhood...not once, but at least three times.

On the 14th, the daughter sees him through the frosted bathroom window. She screamed, and that sends the man running.

Not long after, the girl's father is seen walking out of the home to try and find him. The night before, the man was even more brazen - he parked his truck next to the family's home.

Once they discovered this on their neighbors security video, they put in their own cameras and sensor lights. He hasn't been seen since last Thursday.

Meantime, police are investigating but say so far there've been no other reports like this one in the city of Anaheim. Sgt. Daron Wyatt Anaheim P.D. added, "We encourage everybody to keep their eyes open if you see something that doesn't look right call the police department immediately."

Meanwhile, the family created their own flier to warn neighbors of this "peeping tom." He's still out there, and as police say, he may have been scared off. But that doesn't mean he won't return.. .or find another neighborhood to do his creepy dealings.

If you recognize anything about the man or his truck, please call Anaheim Police.