Amid Negotiations, Teachers Union Demands Smaller Class Sizes

The United Teachers of LA say they picked Carver Middle School to point out the library has been closed for the past three years and PE classes typically have 90 students. Normal class sizes have around 45 students. The union is also asking the school district for "fair compensation and improved learning and working conditions."

The picketing happened not only at Carver, but at nearly every LAUSD school.

As for the district, they are still in negotiations with the union. Those talks will continue weekly until one side or the other sees no future in them and calls for an impasse. At that point, the sides would submit proposals to a mediator, who would try to bring them together.

Should that fail, the union has the option to call a strike.

UTLA is planning another rally at Grand Park, in downtown LA on February, 26th at 4:30 pm.