Airplane ticket prices from LAX, other CA airports to increase as holiday season nears: study

If you're undecided on whether to buy that airplane ticket for your holiday trip now or later, experts are saying the sooner the better. 

According to a new study by Smart Asset, that rings true especially for two California airports - Los Angeles International and Fresno Yosemite international - both of which are ranked among the top five airports expected to see the most significant price increase for airfares as the holiday travel season approaches.

To get the results, 100 of the busiest U.S. airports were analyzed, with "busy" defined as the total number of domestic passengers in 2021.  All data used came from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Analysts then measured those airports up against three metrics - average airfare costs in the second quarter of 2022, the one-year percentage change and dollar change in average ticket costs. The data used in the study came from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Only domestic flights were considered in the study.

Fresno Yosemite International Airport ranked second. Here, the average price for airfare has increased by about $140, or 42%, since March 2021, according to the study.

LAX ranked fourth on the list. At LAX, the average fare price increased by $133, or 42.22%, in one year, according to the study. That's the 15th highest increase seen nationwide. 

Also tying for fourth was Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in Montana, which saw a $134, or 43.27%, price increase.

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