Actor Taye Diggs says son doesn't have to identify as 'Black'

Actor and Broadway star Taye Diggs is getting some heat for comments he made about his bi-racial son

Diggs recently wrote a book about mixed-race children called 'Mixed Me.'

His son's mother is his ex-wife Idina Menzel, the Broadway star who also did the voice of Elsa in the Disney movie 'Frozen.'

Taye Diggs says his son should choose how he wants to be identified, and if he doesn't want to be called black, that's fine with him.

'I wouldn't want him to have to dis-include his mother. His mother is white. His mother is a part of his make-up and the buck stops there. It's that simple.'

Diggs also said if his son wanted to identify as white, he wouldn't correct him, but rather say 'Good luck with that.'