A special promposal for a Wednesday's Child teen

Prom is a rite of passage. See how one Wednesday's Child adoptive family has assured that their daughter with special needs, is living each of life's moments in the fullest and multifaceted ways.

Yes! It was a "yes" to a sweet promposal for a wheel-chair bound teen with special needs.

There's another note that makes this rite-of-passage moment even more special. Martina was once on Wednesday's Child on Fox 11 News in Los Angeles.

Martina was asked to prom by a senior classmate at her school in Washington state. Jordan was led into the classroom by his teacher as Martina sat with her teacher nearby. Martina is non-verbal, but the teachers exploded with excitement over the prom ask.

Martina was adopted by a family that has opened their home to lots of kids from foster care, adopting a total of three. Bobi and Mike Haugen had felt a special calling to children with special needs.

They adopted two boys before setting eyes on Martina. The Haugen's have two birth children as well. Martina was moved from Southern California to a neighborhood north of Seattle.

Martina is 18. While delayed cognitively, mom describes Martina as very social. "When she sees your face, she lights up."

Martina's Wednesday's Child segment aired back in 2014. The segment showcases LA County children in foster care in need of adoptive homes.

Martina had been living in a medical facility. Her DCFS Social Worker, Fawnda Sandoval, was in the search for an adoptive home after Martina's birth father passed away.

That promposal was made possible by the love of an adoptive family.

We first presented Martina back in 2014 on Wednesday's Child. To check out Martina's "promposal" and our update with this loving and dynamic family, tune in to Wednesday's Child. To learn more about our other children in need of forever families, contact 866-921-ADOPT (2367).