A Pursued Car Stops Itself - Chase Over!

To many, Southern California is the pursuit capitol of the world. Police employ tactics to stop them from spike-strips to pit-maneuvers. They can take hours to be end. But, a Friday pursuit ended very differently than many others we've seen on Los Angeles area streets.

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The suspect driver in Bellflower Friday wasn't forced to stop by police. His car stopped because... the car stopped it. Equipped with an OnStar system, a function that interferes with acceleration was triggered. The car slowed to a stop. The car was rendered useless to the suspect fleeing police. He was arrested.

OnStar officials tell us that since they started installing the system in GM cars they've had some 300 similar conclusions to pursuits.

Police specialist Jim Holcomb says the concept is "beautiful!" Stop the car, police can concentrate on the post pursuit tactics and arrest and no one gets hurt.

Our video story includes a twist that the very same technology that can help police may be vulnerable to hackers. We asked OnStar officials to respond to that and you'll find their comments in our video report.