A glance into the LA County Sheriff's active shooter training

If you are a law enforcement officer, you may never respond to an "active shooter" in your career...but you may respond tomorrow.

Either way you have to be trained, ready, and willing to act.

I got to spend some time with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department at a training facility in East Los Angeles where they went through what they call 'EASS' or Enhanced Active Shooter Scenarios.

Basically a gunman was firing from a second-story window...deputies responded, made entry and stopped him.

This training was pre-planned before the horrible events of Las Vegas on Sunday night, but you can be sure that every deputy was thinking about that in the back of their minds..."what would I do if that was me responding?"

The chaos that we saw Sunday night with literally 22,000 people screaming and running in every direction hopefully won't be repeated again anytime soon. You don't really train for something specific like that as much as you train to prepare for handling any type of scenario.

The key is to act, don't wait.

You need to stop that suspect from killing innocent people now.

Sometimes easier said than done. Estimates vary on the length of time it took in Las Vegas from the first shots to when the hotel room door was breached. It was a lengthly amount of time - more than an hour.

That was an almost unprecedented scenario...on which every law-enforcement agency will hopefully learn from.