$50K reward offered for hit-and-run driver who killed Glendale woman

Instead of celebrating Christmas, a local family is mourning the death of their grandmother. She was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Glendale.

Sgt. Dan Suttles with the Glendale Police points to his computer where he has security camera video and tells us "You see somebody get out of the vehicle."

That "somebody" is the woman police believe struck and killed Novar Ismailyan as she walked across busy Glenoaks Blvd at Linden after dark on Friday night.

She had been in the A & A Gift Shop getting gifts for her grandkids and then a small grocery store on the same block to get some food.

Moments later she crosses the street in an unmarked crossing and gets hit and killed.

When talking to those in businesses around the accident site some told us, "it's tragic. It's awful."

Nazarian Garnik says he knew Norvar Ismalyan for 25 years. He says she always used to come into his shop when he owned it all of the time.

And, now many in this community are shocked. Sgt. Suttles says, "We definitely need the communities help in locating this person."

The person who got out of that Prius. Police say she turned on her hazard lights when she looked at the front passenger side of the car and, according to Suttles, "It looks like they were looking at the vehicle surveying for damage and you see that right there."

So, with grainy video so far and few clues what police are working with are accounts from eyewitnesses and - now - a $50,000 reward from the police department for, as the Sgt. puts it, "anybody who can identify a person who ends up in an arrest and a conviction."

All in the hopes of finding whoever was responsible for killing this grandmother…this longtime Glendale resident at, of all times, just before Christmas Day and the Armenian Christmas which is January 6th.

The search continues for the suspect.