In Depth: COVID-19 vaccine and kids, live theater coming back

Segment One – Vaccine and Kids
Bob DeCastro hosts in place of Hal Eisner. He is joined by Dr. David Michilik, pediatric infectious disease director at Dignity Health St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach.

Dr. Michilik discusses the impact of the COVID-19 virus on young people, whether it is vital that children should be vaccinated, and the trials that are being done with the Pfizer vaccine on kids as young as 6 months. 
Segment Two - Vaccine Complications

Dr. Michilik returns to talk about the side effects that have been seen recently from the Johnson and Johnson vaccine that led halting its administration. Michilik discusses what people who have had the vaccine recently should be watching for, what the suspect blood clotting disorder is, and if people should try to treat it with blood thinners. He says it’s too soon to know why it seems to affect women more than men.

Segment Three – Live Theater Reopening

Bob is joined by Rachel Moore, the President and CEO of the Music Center. She says that despite the County loosening restrictions on indoor gatherings, theaters at the Music Center won’t be able to open until fall.  She says there is a new program called "Dance at Dusk" which will be opening in May on a new stage in Jerry Moss plaza. This will be a first step towards allowing audiences to enjoy live entertainment in a protected, socially distanced manner.

Moore describes the virtual performances that the Music Center has been putting on during the pandemic, and says that they will continue. She explains the provisions being made at the Music Center venues that are intended to keep audiences safe after a return to indoor entertainment.
Segment Four

We have an update on Hal and Joab Perez after their accident. The two are now recovering from their injuries and undergoing physical therapy.