Point of View: Is LA ready for an earthquake?

Los Angeles is going to have a massive catastrophic earthquake. We do not know exactly when, but it will happen sooner than later. A recent study by US Geological Survey found that Southern California is overdue for a major temblor.

According to the US Geological Survey, a magnitude 7.8 quake along the south end of the San Andreas fault would kill 1,800 people, injure 53,000 and cause $213 billion in damages. That same shaker also could cut off all water and electricity to the LA basin for an extended period of time.

So how ready are we?

Well, Los Angeles has made advances in requiring older concrete buildings to be
made earthquake safe. Still owners have been given 25 years to retrofit their buildings. This is far too long especially in light of the recent earthquakes in Mexico.

We still don't have an earthquake early warning system. The state claims it does not have enough money to finish it. The last fifty million dollar bullet train cost overrun could have easily paid for the completion of the early warning system. Where the heck are our priorities?

We also must be prepared to survive after an earthquake. In a relatively recent poll only half of Californians had prepared for an earthquake. Experts say at the very minimum we should have stored a three week supply of water and nonperishable food. Further having a portable generator would be an absolute necessity.

LA, please don't be caught unprepared.

So for our government, please shorten the 25 years retrofit and give us our early warning system. We know the "big one" is coming. We must do everything in our power to prepare for it.

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Bob Cook, VP/General Manager
FOX 11 News