The Issue Is... Adam Schiff, Gustavo Arellano, Jessica Levinson, John Thomas

The impeachment inquiry is in full swing!

Chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, joins FOX11's "The Issue Is:" this week to preview next week's televised impeachment hearings, and reacts to mounting scrutiny launched by Republicans.

"These three witnesses will lay out the broad story...and will chronicle the president's flagrant abuse of his office."

Schiff, a Democrat representing Burbank, denies meeting with the now-infamous whistleblower, whose complaint detailed an allegedly improper call between the President Trump and the Ukrainian President.

"I've never met the whistleblower. I don't know who the whistleblower is."

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, claims the contrary.

"He is the only person who knows who this whistleblower is. He refers to himself as Ken Starr."

Then, our whip-smart panel weighs in.

Conservative commentator John Thomas lambastes impeachment for being "purely political," while Loyola Law School professor Jessica Levinson implores lawmakers to abide by the constitution, "If we still live in a government that is structured by the constitution, then that word has got to mean something."

L.A. Times columnist Gustavo Arellano introduces us to his new podcast, "The Battle of Prop 187," where he engages with politicians and activists who shaped the outcome and response to an initiative that sought to slash public services for illegal migrants.

Our group debates the merits of a Michael Bloomberg campaign & explores a controversial policy dealing with homelessness in Sin City.

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