Local restaurant throws kids World Series watch party

They’re not World Series seats, but they’re the best seats in the house at Dave & Buster’s in Northridge. The restaurant treated Brady and Derek Horn to a world class viewing of the World Series after finding out their mom, Amy Horn, purchased counterfeit game three tickets.

Fake World Series Game Tickets

A woman's Dodger dreams of going to the World Series have been stolen. She's out $2,500 bucks after buying what she thought were tickets to Game Three of the World Series!

LA Historic Park Dodgers

A bunch of kids were treated in a unique way to view the World Series outside under the stars on a big screen.

Fans predict a Dodgers World Series win

Our own Hal Eisner talked to fans way back on Opening Day for his FOX 11 News In Depth program and they predicted that this would be the year that the Dodgers win the World Series!