Mom, daughter continue legacy of health care profession

For four generations, a South Bay family continues to dedicate themselves to health care. All despite losing the family matriarch, a lifelong nurse, to COVID-19. Both Marisyn and Daneen said grandma was their biggest inspiration to pursue the careers they chose.

Covered California low-cost healthcare opens special enrollment

More than three million people in California are now eligible for low-cost health insurance through the state's Covered California program. Starting Monday, the program will open a special enrollment thansk to the recently signed American Rescue Act.

Caring for the caregivers during the COVID-19 crisis

Ian Wilson is on the front lines. He's an ER nurse, a ''visiting nurse'' as they're called from Ohio, on the job here in Southern California. He's working 12 to 13 hour days, as is his ER nurse girlfriend Michelle. 

Are nurses getting safe masks? Some don't think so

It’s baffling to think that hospital responders are not getting the equipment they need to treat COVID-19 patients, but that’s exactly what nurses from Providence Saint John’s nurses are claiming. N95 masks are readily available for doctors, but they are being told to use surgical masks, instead, in some cases.