USC coach Steve Sarkisian apologizes for language at rally

USC football coach Steve Sarkisian apologized today for his foul language during a pep rally over the weekend and blamed his conduct on a mixture of booze and pills, but he refused to identify the medication or say why he takes it.

"First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for my behavior Saturday night," Sarkisian told reporters this morning. "It was inappropriate," Sarkisian said. "I feel bad for the University of Southern California, I feel bad for (USC President) Max Nikias and (Athletic Director) Pat Haden; I feel bad for our players, and I feel bad for my own kids, that the way I acted was irresponsible, and something that I obviously don't condone."

Sarkisian said he met with Haden "at length," and he added that "there are things that we're going to work on for me, moving forward, but it's a hard time..." Sarkisian said he was hoping to put the issue behind him and lead his football team to a successful season. "I think the moral of the story is this: when you mix meds with alcohol, sometimes you say things and/or do things that you regret, and I regret it," Sarkisian said.

Sarkisian declined to elaborate on what medication he had taken or for what condition he had taken the medication.

"I'm sorry," Sarkisian said. "I'm sorry for all of our fans, and donors, and all of the people that were in attendance, but I'm going to move forward, and we're going to be great."

Sarkisian said he was going "to go to treatment" and deal with his problems. "I don't know if I even need rehab," he said. "That's part of the process ... to have meetings, to figure that out."

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