Sewing up some Dodger blue: SoCal designer makes official gear

It all begins in the hands of Jerrell Kober, who is trusted with the first step of cutting an iconic logo that will eventually end up on a Dodgers jacket.

"It's very precise," Kober said. "Every cut has to be straight so when it's stitched it's stitched perfectly."

At JH Design's factory in Downtown Los Angeles, every employee is putting out something Dodger blue.

"We're hoping for a win of course," Jacob Nisim, JH Design Group General Manager, said. "That's our local team and we're happy to be there supporting them."

The jackets are hand made in the Los Angeles factory from start to finish. Highly skilled workers like Tony Rivera have been doing it for more than 30-years.

The workers take extra pride in making Dodgers gear because they're big Dodgers fan's themselves.

"I've always been a Dodger fan," Kober said. "I like my team, I'm from LA, it's a good team to go by."

A Los Angeles Dodgers jacket, made in a Los Angeles factory, it doesn't get more authentic than that.

"We actually have four World Series tickets for every game and we raffle them off to the employees," Nisim said. "That's huge for them to see their product on fans."

If you're a fan looking for something other than a jacket and maybe a preppy look is more your style , Los Angeles based Johnnie-O's licensed MLB products feature polos, pullovers and other outerwear.

"A Dodger fan can wear it either at the ballpark or around the BBQ or out playing golf," Dave Gatto, CEO, said. "It's a product that can be used throughout their lifestyle."

Gatto, who is also a Dodgers fan, said the team's gear is in high demand.

"Overall our MLB assortment is up about 4 or 5 times year over year, but the Dodgers are up 10 times," Gatto said. "It's really on fire particularly this last week its been kind of crazy."

Johnnie-O's products are available on their website.

The jackets from JH Design are available through