LA Dodgers and manager Don Mattingly part ways after 5 seasons

The Dodgers and manager Don Mattingly were reported today to have decided to part ways. The team is expected to officially announce the separation later today, sports news media reported, describing the decision as mutual.

Mattingly has one year left on his contract. Last weekend, the Dodgers offered Mattingly a contract extension, ESPN reported, but he reportedly decided to move on because of uncertainty about the team's long-term commitment to him.

From Phil Shuman:

It was a full house in the Dodger Stadium interview room at 1 o'clock this afternoon as general manager Farhan Zaidi and President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman faced the press corps hungry for details. They got a shocking amount of nothing, or should I say "we got "as I was there.

Basically, they love Donnie have a lot of respect for Donnie really enjoyed working with Donnie but after several discussions since the end of the season they both mutually agreed that it was time for a fresh start and will leave it at that.

So two guys with the reputation of being scientific, analytical, and mathematical, just basically played a hunch that everyone would be better off if Mattingly and the team went their separate ways works for me!

That's their story and they're sticking to it. I had better luck with Tommy Lasorda who put it simply this way," the people in charge of the team have the right to make a change, because everyone wants to win," (referring to the World Series not the division he should know he did it twice) I'm telling you those two guy should be politicians the way they didn't answer questions.

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