Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, including David Arquette

You know David Arquette the actor. Now, get to know David Arquette the Professional Wrestler.

David Arquette went inside the ring with Pablo's Alsina on FOX 11 Sports Wrap! Arquette talks about his love of wrestling and why he is getting back in the ring. Check the video because Arquette and Alsina got into a "fight!"

The whole Sports Wrap show took place in front of Madame Tousuds inside a wrestling ring! Alsina showcased the event and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Their wrestlers like the champion Bruce Isaacs and champion UpTown Andy Brown and Luchasourus!

And during the show.... Liz Habib interviewed Championship Wrestling From Hollywood ring announcer Jon Roberts. But Liz was rudely interrupted by "Proffesional Peter Avalon"
Check the video as mayhem ensues!

It was a wild fun show. If you want to see more and live, you can see David Arquette vs Peter Avalon this May 13th. At the Irvine improv. Tickets on sale at