YouTube reporter Elie Seckbach talks boxing for ESNews, Internet hate and more

If you're a boxing fan, you've most likely stumbled upon one of Elie Seckbach's videos from his YouTube channel, ESNews.

His channel has nearly 331,000 subscribers, 71,000 videos and more than 617 million views to date.

The Los Angeles Times recently did a feature on Elie, describing him as "quirky," "always smiling" and that he could be "the most influential reporter in boxing today."

He's constantly working, shooting video, editing and uploading to his YouTube channel, in addition to other social media platforms. He even posted a video during this podcast.

Interestingly, the Israeli-born reporter did not always follow boxing. He covered sports, mostly NBA, but his focus shifted after he posted a video with a guy he'd never heard of - named Manny Pacquiao.

The video received 300,000 views overnight.

For comparison, he considered 2,000 views at the time to be "viral." Interviews with LeBron James or Kobe Bryant received 10,000 to 15,000 views.

Elie joined me on Olympic & Bundy to talk about his background covering the NBA (and being sampled on a Lil Wayne song), what led him to start a YouTube channel, how he handles Internet hate and more.

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